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In this blog, i will explain the steps needed to add a hyperlink in one standard OWL screen to navigate to a TI screen of another standard business object using extensibility explorer.

In this example i will provide the steps to add a hyperlink to open Opportunity TI screen from Sales Quote OWL screen.

#1: Add an element with type BusinessTransactionDocumentID in the Quote XBO.
element OpportunityID : BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

#2: Open extensibility explorer of Quote OWL screen

Add the element to the list view using Add extension to list from the extensibility explorer

#3: Change ID-field Configuration in List option

Add the OVS component to enable the Configure OBN button, if there is no OVS selected then the OBN button wont be enabled

#4: Configure OBN button

Select the namespace - CRM/Global

Select the business object - Opportunity

Select the operation - Open TI

Press Ok, after configuration.

#5: Identifier Configuration

In here, do the parameter binding for the KeyList to Root/CustomerQuote and Key to OpportunityID(element created in XBO).

Final Configuration in OBN:

Save and Activate.

OWL screen will look like this.

You can add another field for description and configure it in the Identifier configuration using Description field.

Also, these steps can be used to configure a link to custom TI screen from a standard OWL screen.
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