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Example: Product costing Dashboard

1.Unable to set default start up filter values:

Start Date, End Date, Plant, PrdOrd Cost and Time Period Radio Buttons in the below figure are set to some default values but data in the chart is not displayed accordingly. Once after selecting all the values, then only chart shows the correct data for selected filter values.

2. Unable to reset filter values of other dimensions after selection of dates:

After selecting Start Date and End Date, Plant, Profit Center and Material values are not getting reset (not showing all values). In below figure, after selecting all values from all filters, chart is displaying the data accordingly. But after changing dates, it is showing the previously selected plant value and not all the list of values for Plant. We need to click on the Refresh Button on right side top after each selection criteria for resetting all the filter values for next selection.

3. No option for changing appearance of components except for ‘Text’ and ‘Panel’ component:

Example: We can change color, font style, font size only for Text and Panel Components by writing script in “CSS Style” property. This option is not available for other components like charts and radio buttons as shown in below figure.

4. Sometimes Legend of the chart is not displaying correctly according to the selected measures in the chart:

In the below figure chart id showing only 3 series of measures (Actual Cost, Plan cost for PCD & STD Cost for PCD), but 5 measure values are getting displayed in chart Legend.

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