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That's an update for that post where i sho how it's possible to control the view of operation in ITSM withour autorization or customizing, but on a last update ( i don't remember when ) i found a change on VAR GUIDE for service provider on page 66, "How to Display all Messages of an Organization/Company".

You can control the operation view in 2 options:

1.- With Custom Code:

2.- Trough customizing using AGS_WORK_CUSTOM, :

* I don't have test if that work as well on ITSM as on in workcenter

6.7 How to Display all Messages of an Organization/Company

("Employee responsible for")

The BP Relation "Is the Employee

Responsible For" (technical name "BUR011") must be maintained for the


To  do  this,  follow  the  same  steps  as  described  for  "Replaces"  relationships,  but  instead  maintain  the

relationship "Is the Employee Responsible For".

If the system finds an "Is th

e Employee Responsible For" relation for the current user, all messages of the

related  Business  Partner  (for  example,  Messages  where  the  related  Business  Partner  is  entered  as  the





Party") will be added to the "Processing by my team" list in the Wo

rk Center overview.

This behavior is turned off by default.

Adding an entry to table AGS_WORK_CUSTOM overrides the default:


IM_RESPONSIBLE_REL_ENABLE = blank (Turned off)

The  Business  Partner  relationship  catego

ry  "BUR011"  may  also  be  overridden  with  an  entry  in  table


IM_RESPONSIBLE_REL_CATEGORY= <new relationship category>



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