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Source: SAP

How to manage and promote the content; guidelines, for lifecycle management and content management in SAP Analytics Cloud.


Source: SAP

You can see above software update and hardware/infrastructure update is SAP's responsibility with SAP Analytics Cloud

Customer decides which data to connect to

Source: SAP

System governance is an important consideration; could be self service lead by the business

Source: SAP

When you purchase SAP Analytics Cloud, you buy a production tenant

You can buy test tenants

New is preview tenant; allows customers to try enhanced features and test them before GA across other landscapes

Source: SAP

These are SAP recommendations

SAP recommends a test tenant in multi data source landscapes

Data import is more challenging on a single tenant

Source: SAP

Smaller deployments, and add dev/test as complexities increase

Source: SAP

Available at extra cost

Take content from test or development and preview tenant

Cannot use preview tenant as you can't move it to production

Source: SAP

My Files folder is a staging folder for public folders

When teams are created, customer has option to create

Samples and business content are activated, activated under public folder

Source: SAP

General overview of relationships between security and folders and content

Recommendation is not use the out of the box roles but use templates

Out of the box roles have wide authorizations

Another way is to save to public folders


Question : How SAC is handling , translation of data content in different language (ex. to display the the text in french or English of the dimension COUNTRY ). Do we need to maintain 2 model and 2 story ?

It will depend on your data source. For an SAP Data Source such as SAP HANA there are options to leverage the language capabilities of the data source to display various languages. More info for SAP HANA connection at Default Language

we use import data datasoure to BW bex query

for import from BW the language is specified in the connection so for each model only one language is imported. To have the same data available in multiple languages you require a connection, model and story for each language.

Importing data will support only 8lakhs records only, if I have more than 8lakhs what will happen?

You can load data in batches of 800k records. More info on this is available at:

How to maintain delta loads?

How do you handle if we have multiple BW systems(dev, qa, pre-prod and prod) and we have one SAC tenant

For import connections you would have a connection and model for each BW system.

Can you delay wave being applied to production if there is an issue found in the preview tenant testing?

The recommendation is to immediately report the issue to SAP via your preferred Support channel ( and SAP will make a call on the best approach to fix the issue in or before production.

I have a BW system for Dev, Test, and Production. Can I have a SAC tenant for each -- resulting in 3 tenants?

Yes you can purchase a subscription to as many tenants of SAP Analytics Cloud as you require for your scenario.

If there are multiple models that I have to move from test tenant to production tenant, do I have to manually change the connection for each model to point from BW test to BW Prod?

you can export and import connections from one tenant to another and then change the BW system they point to. Many models can use the same connection so the number of connections will indicate the amount of manual work needed.

How will active directory groups be loaded into SAC?

What is the cost of an SAC tenant?

you can find pricing information at

where can I find information about the costs of having multiple tenant including the preview tenant?

there is pricing information and links to more info at

Where can i find more information on how to move models from a test tenant to production tenant?

roles can also be exported and imported between clients ?

can we create sub folders under each Public Folder.. Nested Folders?

how to point the stories with new model

Can you please elaborate about user licenses impact of having single tenant Vs Prod,QA & Dev

licenses are independent per tenant. So for each tenant you need 1 or more licenses.


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