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A recent SAPInsider Research Brief provides market insight into the growing role of data gateways in resolving critical data connectivity challenges faced by organizations undergoing digital analytics transformations.

SAPInsider Research Brief - Leveraging Data Connection Gateways
to Harness Full Value from Analytics Investments

Download the research brief.

The research brief describes the constraints many organizations experience when they try to expand the reach of their analytics:

[W]hat drives every analytics tool and technology is the underlying data. And as analytics tools, like SAC, become more advanced and sophisticated, in many instances, their potential is getting constrained by the critical input data. In order to leverage these tools to their full potential, it is extremely critical to ensure that these tools have access to all the right and required data sets. And this is where many organizations are running into a bottleneck.

The brief was developed from an interview between SAPInsider’s Kumar Singh and APOS CTO Ofir Gil, who described the role APOS Live Data Gateway can play in transforming your SAP analytics.

These issues and challenges described in both the brief and the interview will be explored in detail in an upcoming webinar.

APOS Live Data Gateway Solution Update – Expand Your Analytics Connectivity

This webinar will look at how APOS Live Data Gateway provides live data analytics connectivity for a wide range of assets, and how organizations are unlocking new analytics value with this platform. Topics include:

  • How to leverage non-SAP data assets from your

  • Cloud data environments, such as Snowflake, Google Big Query, AWS, and Azure

  • Relational sources such as SQL, Oracle and DB2

  • OLAP sources such as Azure Analysis Services and Essbase

  • Strategic applications

  • Latest updates and new capabilities of APOS Live Data Gateway, including:

  • Seamless security integration - SSO, OAuth

  • Self-service modelling

  • Geo spatial support, dimensions and hierarchies

  • Power BI connectivity to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

…and more.

Register for the webinar.

The Importance of Seamless Data Connections

Kumar Singh is Research Director, Automation & Analytics, at SAPInsider. You can see the full interview between Kumar and APOS CTO Ofir Gil at the link below

Watch the full 15-minute interview between Kumar Singh and Ofir Gil.

Kumar Singh Interviews APOS CTO Ofir Gil

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