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Hello everyone!


I hope you're coding and having a great time!!!

Currently, I am engaged in working on various BTP (Business Technology Platform) services, and designing and development constitute my everyday tasks. As expected, we encounter some challenges along the way, which is quite normal 🙂 Therefore, I've decided to document these challenges along with their corresponding solutions in my GitHub repository. This compilation is expected to grow into a substantial list over time, but for now, I have already included two challenges and their respective solutions.



  • Get your BTP Trial Account setup before you jump into Coding 🙂 + VSCode or BAS


Here you go GitHub Repo - 


  • Write your first CAP Application -  Its a simple one Hello World

  • Create one entity in your CAP App and Insert  / Retrieve some Hard coded Values

  • Add some CSV Data in your CAP Application

  • Run and retrieve your CSV Data

  • Connect your CAP Application to BTP Space

  • Provision Services for your CAP Application

  • Enable HANA Cloud Instance and Add HDI Containers

  • Build and Deploy your CAP Application on CF ( Cloud Foundry )

  • Run and Debug your CAP Application


Tutorial Highlights:


Say Hello to SAP CAP

Supplier Entity for Projection


Supplier JS File For logic and data export

GET Request :

Using CDS in CAP -  you can simply write select statement and Wrap it in NodeJS and run the query to get data back from the database

POST Request :

Using CDS in CAP - you can make POST Calls directly on Entity exposed which will Create New entry in Database

Delete Request :

Using CDS in CAP - You can use custom handler function to delete records from the database - A Custom logic or i would say simply wrap your delete statement in Nodejs and run it on CDS.


CRUD Operations in CAP Entity

Coming up Next...

  •  How SQL is giving the real value to your cloud Application Programming -- SQL is the magic

  •  Working with multiple entities and Association

  •  Projection , Aggregate functions and Joins

  •  Function Import in CAP


Keep Learning and Keep Sharing 🙂


PS: I will Keep posting Updates in my this blog and Updating  the repo for promised exercises


Thanks Shivam

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