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Applies To:

SAP ECC6.0 and SAP PI7.0, 7.1 and 7.3



This article explains about implementing legal changes for real time information (RTI) reports for the following interfaces:

Ø  Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)

Ø  Employment Payment Summary (EPS)

Ø  Full Payment Submission (FPS)

Ø  Early Year Update (EYU)

Author:    Pavan Nukala                   

Interface Description:

This RTI (Real Time Information) is used to submit tax every month instead of every year (EOY) as per UK government


Ø  Based on the ECC system versions download relevant XI content from service marketplace

Ø  Follow the path  to download standard XI content from service marketplace related to RTI changes. To download XI content  user need, valid logon and download access

Ø  Deploy the XI content into ESR. Make sure that the user have required access to deploy the content into ESR

Ø  Configure proxy connections between ECC and SAP PI system

Ø  Firewall is open between PI and government gateway

Ø  Ensure required technical and business systems were created in PI SLD

Design and Configurations for RTI reports:


Download XI content from below path. Choose the latest SP and patch level

In our case sender system (HR system) version is ECC 6.0


Import the XI content into ESR as shown in below screens and make sure the relevant service/message interfaces and operation/interface mappings are available

With the above steps design part for RTI reports has been completed in SAP PI


Log into Integration Directory (ID).Configure the steps manually or follow the wizard process as per the below screens

As this is a standard B2B content from SAP choose party communication and make sure that the party has been already created in ID

Select the option internal system as the data is coming from the sender system which is in the landscape and choose the adapter type as XI

Select the sender business system from the input help if it was already created in SLD (if not create the web as ABAP business system and import into ID) and provide the required outbound service interface as shown in below screen

Follow wizard process until all the steps completed and provide name of configuration scenario

Once all the configuration steps are completed SAP HR system will post documents to government gateway and response will be sent back to SAP HR as per below screen

Follow the same above steps for the remaining interfaces FPS, EPS and EYU which will not shown in this document

Hope this document help to start up RTI configurations

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