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Hi Everyone,

In this blog, I shall be sharing my learning and exploring adventure as a CPI & SuccessFactor Consultant.

Purpose of SuccessFactors EC (Employee Central):

As we all know SuccessFactor is the next-generation core HR system (HRIS) is designed for the global enterprise workforce delivered over Cloud.

Nowadays, the organizations are looking for a simplified HR business process so that they can develop a contemporary workplace which engages its employees, able to manage the complexity of HR tasks and achieve the variations in the current requirements. Managing the global employees is a challenge able task. It has given rise to the various questions for the organization, like how they can provide a core HR system that helps to achieve the global requirements of the business, keep the employee engaged. The SAP SuccessFactors module provided a solution for all these i.e., SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

It facilitates the organization to enhance the HR service delivery and provide the employees with a great experience of optimizing the daily routine work-life. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is an adaptable, global core HR solution which helps the businesses to meet the prospects of the people and the requirements of the companies.

CPI Middleware:

Now how the data’s flow (from/to) SuccessFactors and downstream systems?

Exactly through Integration i.e. Platforms (SAP CPI, SAP PI, Dell Boomi etc)

For This we have SuccessFactors adapters itself as in built adapters in SAP CPI and PI , it works like a charm ?

Here I would like to show a simple iflow in sap cpi , which fetches a rehired employee data from SuccessFactors.

Hope this blog will help for beginners to explore SuccessFactors with middle ware integration

Login to SuccessFactors

I am using salesdemo 8 in this blog

We can Create a demo SuccessFactors instance:

Login with company id, user and password

Admin center: All the option available here

Search as rehire in search window

It shows list of no of employee ,choose rehire/rehire with new employment option based on the requirement .

Choose the option and it will take you to the employee page were certain steps needs to be done

Maintain all the mandatory details and event reason and click next, next and once all the information is updated click on submit. And go to the search option again search the same employee by name and it will take us to the portlet of the employee and the event will be rehire and status will be active from inactive. And effective rehire date, position all the informations will be available as we updated in the previous steps

Now LogIn to the CPI tenant.

A simple iflow which fetches the above changed information from SuccessFactors and it can be sent as a mail notification or a daily status report to the sftp server based on the business requirement.

This is a simple iflow just wanted to show in this blog and this may varies based on the requirement:

Using odataV2 adapters it gives the effective dated records :



Here the event code or names we can achieve in different ways either through the fields or picklist which holds the value, code or name, again this depends on your requirement how the value should be sent to the target end. We can test this through postman/soap ui etc.


All SuccessFactors info links:

sap cpi videos  :


Learn, Try and Explore. This is not an end.

Happy Learning ?
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