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You want to install SAP Solution Manager 7.2 starting from scratch. Good idea… Lets start…

Some of the administrators wants to install SAP Solution manager from scratch rather than upgrading from existing solution manager due to some technical limitations and/or smooth upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2. Reason could be anything but I have found some interesting facts regarding fresh installation and I love to share with you

As first step you have installed SAP Solution Manager KABAP Stack without having any difficulties and now you are in process to install SAP Solution manager JAVA stack

But what now on this screen of installation?

Note: SXJ is my SAP Solution Manager JAVA instance

In order to pass this screen what you need?

  • Create new ABAP client where you want to point your JAVA UME (in my case client 444)
  • Perform client copy as below in newly created client

Source Client 000              SAP_CUST          

Source Client 001              SAP_USER

  • Crate new users in ABAP UME Client (in my case client 444)



User Type: Dialog

Note: Change password after you create new user



User Type: Dialog

Note: Change password after you create new user

Continue your installation of JAVA stack

SLD Destination

If you want to use your existing SLD you can specify connection parameters in this screen.

As per my recommendation: You better use Solution Manager SLD because you need to work with LMDB database and its good IDEA to have your solution manager SLD connected to your LMDB

Feel free to post any comment below

Thank you


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