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I’d like to start writing for highlighting my main attendance reasons.
In my first inside track event #sitbcn, my vision has totally changed.
Especially in these days, i have still the feeling SAP teched huge motivation effects deep inside and my main aim is keeping those feelings alive and learnings up-to-date.More inside tracks requires more own budget however this is the best investment that i am doing for myself in these days.
At least, i am forcing my budget and myself for attend close inside tracks near Norway 🙂

At he beginning, i had to understand something would gone crazy about #SitNL
Their motto was 'something cool sh*t happens' but what would gonna happen?Yes, there were some general informations, previous year pictures etc. but no line up! I had even no idea about the sessions!
It was literally blind date and I was going to unknown without knowing anybody 🙂
Finally, sessions and line up announced at 6th of November and I totally gone crazy!
I was not expecting full day analytics sessions and see craig.cmehil again.
I completely understood what they meant with cool sh*t but i need to accept this was cooler than i could imagine!

Full day analytics sessions was a big surprise for me and i am still more than happy for create my own chance to be there! I’ve nearly spent my all entire day at analytics sessions. Sessions were so informative and also great occasions for intensify my #SAPTeched takeaways.


Day started with warm welcoming with jpenninkhof  and twan.vandenbroek reviews and some memories over the last 10 years 🙂

And Craig session ‘SAP Community, everywhere and anywhere’ made me more than welcome.
His sharings perfectly matched what I was thinking while twan.vandenbroek sharing their 10 years experience.Meanwhile, twan.vandenbroek  sharing their 10 years experiences,I've just looked around and noticed every old community member and mentor has same smile on their face 🙂

Sadly saying, that was the spirit that I missed all 11 years long with hiding myself 😞 here is the short story 

As Craig mentioned at #sitNL is great example for community in an action especially for all individuals that want to see how help and see exchange knowledge.All inside track events, Stammtisch's and even code jams all around the world and they are good examples why Sap Community senses is a self apart from any other enterprise level communities.

Another important topic highlighted by Craig ‘community is everywhere and anywhere’.
I had a chance to attend, I had enough time and own budget but before i’ve never ever had possibility for attend any Inside Track.
In terms of virtual envoirement sharing events online, live streams are so important for all of us.
In these days, i am forcing myself for attend #sitcph because of learning and keep that spirit alive!
But after having a permanent job, I know physically attendance won’t be easy for me too.

Besides, i'd like to thank christian.braukmller4  made my questions clear about inside tracks and beyond Stammtisch 🙂 Literally had a trouble about understanding what kind of community event is it. (I still have a huge problem about spelling) but at the end of the day, we all sure about Stammtisch importance and all community members also needs to keep that spirit alive.

Here are my important session takeaways from #sitNL:

SAP TechEd Recap -  1c996cacb1274a94b1b6e84abd9dfac3 & Sven Van Leuken

It was intensive and effective recap for me, thank you remembering us BW/4Hana Road Map (DAT876) and SQL Data Warehousing (DAT366) sessions. BW/4Hana future and BW/4Hana Data Lake and Hadoop (DAT204) sessions was worth to remember. And guess who hard to kill slide made me laugh so much:) Answer is 'BEX' for sure...
Also Blueberry (DAT110) slides are really helped me to remember DWaas.
Sven van Lueken gave us short introduction bringing conversational AI to Analytics and Smart Assist capabilities. At the end of the session seeing big picture with SAC will be everywhere showed me I am on right way. Leaving my comfort zone (on premise) and struggling on SAC is the one of best decisions i’ve ever made. And the last but not least back to SQL DWH and Graphical modeling (DAT160) and how does it all come together (Dat844) is one of the my biggest take aways from this session.

All DAT* examples are especially given. You can find related presentations and session supporting materials.

SAP Analytics Cloud as enabler for the Intelligent Enterprise - iver.vandezand 

This session provide a technical outlook on how SAP has evolved SAP Analytics Cloud into a tool that is at the core of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise. With this session I also had a chance to look closer Smart Assist features. 2019 SAC top pro’s is also made me clear about the SAC future. Current roadmap vs future comings.

How SAP Leonardo is empowering animal wellbeing - Leo Moltzer & Harmen Werkman

Human Health and Animal Wellbeing is my favorite personal passionate areas and have a crazy ideas and plans about both of them. Getting IOT and Analytics together and from “one medicine” to “one health” and systemic approaches to health and well-being for human and animals.
This is why I left my safe area data hub and attend this session. ( never again say safe area ever! I gave wrong answer about data hub at pub quiz 🙂 )
Anyway this session  showed  us how SAP Leonardo can enable a solution using IOT and UI5 to analyze and improve the wellbeing of the Bison’s. Seeing new improvements and learning new cases especially about animal wellbeing gives me hope about near future.


New standard within BW/4HANA transformations: AMDP - Noud Faase & Clemens Krom

Noud and Clemens shared their knownledge about AMDP. They showed different use cases and their pros and cons as well as how it relates to ABAP. 21 millon records 3 tables joining in expert routine scenerio provided me clear knowledge between writing a code in ABAP and writing code in SQL difference, How process is going faster. It was literally great demo.


How to survive in the ever expanding ecosystem of SAP Data Warehousing? janvanansem 

This was the most interactive session that I attended in #sitNL.
The pace of change in SAP Data Warehousing is faster than ever. Innovation, adaption and how we learn slides are really helpful for strugglers (me) in expending ecosystem. Maybe someone noticed in External influences driving innovation stickers there is a one pink mindful ux sticker!
Yes that belongs to me. I strongly belive that mindful ux will be one of the external influencers
Iot part and predictive results are also my current ongoing 'home made' project that I am trying to create some apps and solutions. (I will publish a long blog post about this project).
Before forget, I'd like to mention and highlited by Jan XS advantages.
Super informative session for all life long learners and BI addicts.

SAP HANA SQL DW – What’s so special? sefan.linders2

It was clear and easy session for understanding SQL approach for customer needs, tools and functions, support elements and SQL characteristics. I also had a chance to look closer to SQL data warehousing and SAP Hana Data Management suite and NDSO. There were also interactive demo.

Can you keep up with SAP Analytics Cloud?  foekenm

Application design, start and build applications on fully browser based envoirement.
New application design and it basically delivers simple widgets, data driven widgets.layout widgets etc. SDK point of view explanations are also important informations for all of us.
And there were also simple and cool demo about building an application. Also Martijn van Foeken’s realistic roadmap explanations were one of the biggest take aways.

Wrap up

At the end of the day everyone who was part of the organization was on stage. They are all superstars. Thank you all for making this high number of participants and parallel 3 sessioned crazy organization possible. It was honour being part of #sitNL and thank you for a such great spirit and content. Well done guys and thanks for all the enthusiasm over the last 10 years.

And I’d like to thank all sponsors for making this event possible again.

Before finish blog post i'd like give an small info about myself. Especially hiding side that i mentioned above. Yes, i am looking as new comer but actually my community experience started 11 years ago at SDN times and goes on with different SID’s (not possible to unification).
Previously i was not blogging, just searching my technical questions on the forum, sometimes questioning sometimes answering and spent last 11 years as community member (?)
#sitBCN was my one of the biggest chances for understood what community meant.
With #sitNL i understood what the spirit is !
Anyway looking newbie is also cool and at the end of the day there is more than sharing and caring. There is a feeling being Community Member which made a huge difference in my life.
This is why I am here and blogging indeed 🙂


p.s: This blog post will be edited due to grammar fails.
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