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I have always said that YouTube is one of the best resources to learn new skills or refresh your current skillset. I also find the SAP UI5 walkthrough to be one of the best resources as well when it comes to making sure you understand the basics. I myself, have been through the walkthrough over a dozen times and always learn something new. So, I decided to combine the two into one resource 🙂


I ran through all 38 steps of the SAP UI5 walkthrough and recorded them in this full video course for anyone to watch and hopefully learn something along the way. I designed the course so that, just like the walkthrough, you can pick up from any step in the video by clicking on the relevant step in the video description. If you need the code at the beginning of that particular step you can download it directly from the relevant commit in this GitHub repo.


The course differs slightly at the beginning where I choose to use the UI5 CLI and NODE to run a local server. I also use the mock server configuration later on in the course, from about step 28, as I believe this is best practice and should be the standard on any project. You can use your local environment and any IDE you want including SAP Web IDE, whatever you are comfortable with. I personally recommend either VS Code or SAP Web IDE.


I also make many mistakes along the way, just like everyone else, and decided to leave them in the video so that people can hopefully learn from them 🙂


I hope this resource will help you on your UI5 journey and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know.


Thanks for reading!
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