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Based on the feedback I received from the previous UI5 Course there were many people out there that wanted a course on data binding. So I made another video course covering the basics of data binding in the context of UI5 using the brilliant SAP UI5 Data Binding walkthrough as the backbone.


In the course I run through each step in the SAP UI5 Data Binding walkthrough and explain important data binding concepts such as:

  • Expression binding

  • Resource Models for interpreting different languages

  • Aggregation binding

  • Element binding

  • Factory functions


Just like in my Full SAP UI5 Walkthrough course I've setup each code step (outlined in the video description) in a separate commit on my GitHub repo so you can download the code and start at any step you choose.


I ran through the examples using my own local developer setup i.e. VS Code and the UI5 CLI.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll help guide you where I can. I make many mistakes and so I hope the way I approach them helps you in some way when dealing with your own bugs 🙂


As always with UI5 development I highly recommend you keep the SAP UI5 SDK and Fiori Design Guidelines close at hand in every project you work on as it will always benefit you in the long run 🙂


Thanks for reading!


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