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Today (instead of watching pre-Super Bowl festivities) I checked out the SAP Learning Hub at

There are some updated materials for Design Studio if you are a Learning Hub subscriber.

Today was all about Global Script variables.

Source: SAP

From above, global script variables can be used in any script of your application.  See the "Note" that states script variable names used as URL parameters must start with a capital X

The above shows the settings for the global script variable, named "Xmode" and the URL parameter is set to true.

This application has two tabs with a crosstab on each.  I don't have the sorting on the columns enabled.

On the second tab I have a print button

The script on the application start up is shown above.  If the URL parameter mode is display, the user will not be able to see the print button or sort the columns; if the mode is set to navigate the user can interact with the application, see the print button and will be able to sort the columns

The above shows the first tab of the application when the display parameter of the URL is passed - no sort icons appear on the crosstab columns.

The above shows how the second tab appears with the display parameter; no print button appears

When the navigate parameter is passed, the user can sort on the crosstab columns

The user sees the print button on the second tab

See the video below:

Upcoming ASUG Design Studio Webcasts:

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