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Taking a cue from the good mbensan's blog entry (Meet ASUG TechEd Speaker Mustafa Bensan and learn how to Apply a Fresh Face to Your BI Apps with SAP...), I thought I'd also raise the awareness of my session, also occurring at SAP TechEd 2015 Las Vegas next month.  I'll also steal his format for sake of consistency.  :smile:   As Mustafa did, I'll take the easy way out and let you learn anything personal you'd like to know about myself here: Mike Howles - SCN Member of the Month August 2014 or just click on my profile link.

What is my session about?

I'm happy to again to be presenting for ASUG this year on a similar topic as last year, but not a replay of last year's by any stretch.  This year not only will I be touching on (new) SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio extension use cases, but also recounting use cases explored with SAP Lumira.  For those who attended my session last or my ASUG Webinar, it was overwhelmingly technical and developer focused.  This year I will get into some developer specifics but will touch more on overall experience as well with more use case comparisons between the two products.

Below is the link and official description of the course:

BA209 - SDK Experiences: SAP Lumira VizPacker and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

This session provides an overview of three focal areas:

  1. New usage potentials experienced while using the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK with examples of a new data source extension, new visualization and map experiments, and an overview of the new SDK functionality available with 1.5.

  2. A recount of experience with using SAP Lumira VizPacker and the SAP Web IDE VizPacker plugin.

  3. Leveraging and the challenges faced with common libraries such as SAPUI5, D3, CVOM, and RequireJS.

Who should attend?

If you are an SAP Customer or an SAP Partner and:

  • You want to know more about the extension options for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio or SAP Lumira, then my presentation should help give you some fact-based first-hand development experiences I had, along with a recount of challenges and what could be better, along the way.

  • You want to know some use cases I went through and see examples of what are possible as a result of exploring them, specifically for visualizations and also for data source extensions.

  • You dabble in HTML5 and are interested in how you could reuse these skills in SAP BI tools.

  • You've got nothing else going on at Wednesday at 4:30p! :smile:

What else is happening at TechEd with ASUG related to BI?

tammy.powlas3has got you covered here: ASUG SAP TechEd Sessions Featuring Business Intelligence

Also, even if you don't come to my session but you are interested in some cool Design Studio topics or Fiori design principles, be sure to check out mbensan's ASUG session at the very least!  (BA123 - Apply a Fresh Face to Your BI Apps with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio)

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