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Leaner "RISE with SAP" and IQ towards Cloud

RISE with SAP offers a holistic on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to an intelligent enterprise. You can remove complexity with a simplified engagement and guided journey through your business transformation. We offer you a faster time to premier value and the flexibility you need without a high up-front investment. 

the new Program "Rise with SAP" is a offering to move any kind of SAP Instance to the Hyperscaler of your choice. Details can also be found in the SAP Community - RISE with SAP

SAP TechEd 2021 - Digital Transformation with Intelligent ERP Track

E-3 Magazine 03.2022 - Run simple and rise with – what?
(not only this Blog is quiet ... ;-))

As you can imagine, this is like moving after decades from the old to the new house which is much more modern, new materials and better heating and isolation, etc.

Never the less, you want to keep all you memorable belongings with you without being to messy and you have to store all you items, you want to access maybe in less rooms, but always accessible.

So to optimize the size of your removal van and the amount and size of moving boxes, you should consider the SAP IQ Database as the main vessel for all your historical and memorable items before the "big move" takes place.

The two main SAP Scenarios are supported since years and offer a great TCO and Performance.

Check the fully Story on the Blog - SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …

Rise with SAP to Azure Hyperscaler

This Example shows already today what is possible by replacing the existing IT on-premise Platform with the Capabilities of a Hyperscaler like Azure as almost every service is available. (remember the metaphor moving into the new house)

The Document - SAP First Guidance – Implement SAP BW/4HANA in the Azure Cloud gives some insights of the new challenges with the usage of Hyperscaler's.

The Hyperscaler based SAP Data Intelligence Implementation can be used as the enhanced connection suite together with SAP BW/4 to integrate other SAP Cloud Solutions even better.

See also the Blog - Unified Data Integration for SAP

Technically the move to the Hyperscaler is a Backup/Restore of the Existing on-premise Landscape, and it is suitable to start with a end-to-end scenario, rather then a system type like S/4 or BW/4 only.

The Data which is already moved to SAP IQ (on-premise or hyperscaler) compresses history data more then 80% against the SAP HANA Database. More Details about the process can be found in the Document - SAP First Guidance – SAP NLS Solution with SAP IQ 16.x

SAP IQ - Simplex Architecture fits all purposes


So start your Journey "RISE with SAP" already today with the first step.

Even small donations can provide major benefit to many needy people and as Erich Kästner once said:
"There is nothing good except someone does it"

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”
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