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The command line option of the promotion management tool allows promoting objects from one BI platform deployment to another, this method is commonly called LCM CLI.(Life Cycle Manager- Command Line Interface).
If for ,whatever reason, we need to rollback the Job that was created and executed by LCM CLI, the Promotion Management Interface does not allow this, as the roll back button is disabled.
See the screenshot below.

When queried the Job in query Builder we can see that Rollback feature is not enabled in Job Properties, as shown:


The problem is System defined in Promotion Management -> Manage System and Source System defined in LCM_CLI properties file (lcm_cli.bat -lcmproperty <property file>) is different.

Below is the screenshot of job which was executed

Below is the screenshot of "Promotion Management -> Manage System"



Need to Define Correct System Name with FQDN in Promotion Management -> Manage System in CMC and need to use same system as Source_CMS in LCM Properties in LCM CLI Tool.

Next time we can rollback irrespective of promotion management or LCM CLI as we can see enabled button in Job Status.

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