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Source: SAP

This is from a webcast the other week. In case you missed it, you can join us next month for an update:

January 17 BI: What's New: Smart Assist Portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud

Smart features also called "augmented"

Smart discovery in stories

Allows you to understand the reasons behind your data

What influences your data behind a target

Creates a story automatically

Search to insight - ask questions of your data in a natural way

Source: SAP

Advanced analytics - predictive, machine learning, etc

Citizen data scientist - no one has this job title

Make business users data scientists with these augmented analytics features in Analytics Cloud

Integrated with their planning tools

Search to insight - type questions in natural language,

It provides auto-complete - mistype name of variable, it will autocorrect for you, you don't need to know names of field, don't need to know members of dimensions

It will automatically create useful visualizations for you, based on question you ask and nature of the data

"What is revenue this year"

Source: SAP

SAP has re-engineered the way Smart Discovery works

It generates a story automatically with tabs

When you want to understand the data, it will bring back useful information in story

Key of these features is the speed; it does it quickly

The speaker had a nice demo, I followed along and created my own (this is a great way to learn yourself):

Source: SAP

Q4 2018 items are available

Q1 - add more smart insight feature for live connections

Continue Search to Insight to SAPPHIRENOW

Where going - move towards a global page, not just the story, but look at data in your tenant, move from passive analytics to an active analytics to allow more interaction


Smart discovery for HANA live data connections - planned for Q3 next year

Working on live connections on all features

Is Smart Discovery supported in Spanish? Supported in all 16 languages in SAP Analytics Cloud

Limitations of Smart Discovery - limitation of data volume - acquired data sets - 1 million cells; hope live connectivity will be a way around this


Have you tried Smart Discovery, and what do you think?
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