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Thanks to iver.vandezand and orla.cullen for this ASUG webcast last month

Latest Innovations in SAP Analytics and a Look to the Future


Source: SAP

Data "super power"

Data driven enterprises, using data to stay competitive

The three core principle - master and control volume of data, master and control quality of data (governance), manage usage of data, then have successful formula for a data driven enterprise


How SAP positions the formula is shown above.

Source: SAP

BTP is the core layer

Source: SAP

Flagship product for SAP Analytics Cloud  (SAC), three core components

Strategy going forward

Keep investing in machine learning

Next element covers scaling of the product, easier to consume, improving the UI

Third element - connect to core SAP applications


Source: SAP

Investments this year and next year

Focus on information worker (discussed in the askSAP call)


Data to value (data super power) - invest in interoperability with data warehouses, scale


SAC will be core engine of core applications (SF, Concur, Ariba)

Source: SAP


Topics being worked on


Creator experience, story analyzer, analyzer for BW


Predictive Planning a big topic


Future - pixel perfect reporting

Undo / redo in Q3


Mobile - support for Analytics Designer, voice to insight


Source: SAP

Download to Excel is coming

Source: SAP

Measures and accounts in same model

11 items from influence site (


Source: SAP

Guide users through process


Running APL in background

Source: SAP

No timelines committed

Information worker - want to help, serve, using a watchlist - select KPI's to watch, smart alert

Source: SAP


A better user experience with better performance


Refactoring product to perform better

Source: SAP

In a controlled release, beta

Q3/Q4 - plan to deliver 2 waves of optimization into product

Start with BW Live connections


Source: SAP

Embed SAC in other products, delivering content

Total spend across categories

Source: SAP

SAP is encouraging feedback at




Q: How we make sure Volume Reporting running for like 50K Records fitting in SAP SAC.

A: Volume reporting is very well suited using Live connectivity. We added some strong reporting features


Q: How does DWC (Data Warehouse Cloud) fit in this strategy?

A: DwC really covers the qualitative element of our core BTP strategy. It acts as as the central hub to connect & blend core data sources


Q: What other related webcasts are coming up?

A: we just released a new (!!!) monthly newsletter here including some of those webinars you asked for:


Q: Can Analytics Catalog be set per user group? i.e different catalogs for different business user group? same feature was not available earlier with Analytics HUB

A: No, it will be one Catalog but using governance and security you could assign different views per user group



The updated Statement of Direction is here

An accompanying blog to the Statement of Direction is here

Subscribe to the News Flash here

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Note the legal disclaimer applies - things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

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