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To follow up from Help Tackle Slave Labor Data at #SAPtd Vegas w/ #DataGenius - Register Now , I was honored to be a judge with SAP's Jayne Landry, don.ginocchio, Jamie Oswald, Ben Hafner and Adeline Lambert of Made in a Free World.  I took some pictures using Animoto from my iPhone of the entries.

Information provided by SAP:

On Tuesday, Oct. 20…

• A sold-out room of DataGenius brains came together to tackle 7,000+ rows of data, with 16+ DataGenius Experts leading the way.

• 40+ top-notch University Alliances students representing 4 different schools went to work, while…

• 6 expert judges, including 2 Made in a Free World representatives, shared their feedback and insight.

After 4 hours of inspiring data wrangling and storytelling…

• 80+ DataGeniuses worked together to bring…

• 50+ SAP Lumira dashboards to life…

• And moved closer to helping free 30 million people from slavery.

I didn't realize the event was 4 hours - time flew by very fast. I was impressed with the high quality of entries, visualizations, the abilities of teams to creatively include outside data, and then present it to a full room.  Additionally students from the SAP University Alliance presented - I ask myself if I could have presented at their age, and my answer would be no.

Source: SAP

Pictured above is SAP's eamon.ida  - kudos to rachel.ho, Mitush Patel and team for organizing a great event.  If you participated, the SAP team encourages you to submit your viz-a-thon entry and your independent entry at

The winning team included two SCN topic leaders, mike.howles4and dell.stinnett

See SAP's derek.klobucher interview here:

Here is my video of iPhone pictures I took during the event:

My thanks to everyone who participated last week - it was a great event and great to meet attendees, experts and fellow judges.

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