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Hi All,

I would like to explain how to Edit the Language Settings in Fiori Launchpad Cloud Foundry.

Brief introduction before explaining the process:   In general Fiori default language is selected from the browser settings.


Now I am showing how to change the Languages in Fiori launchpad runtime.

Please follow the steps:


Step1: Check Enable language Selection and Enable Personalization in CommonDataModel.json.



Step 2:  Create  a file  with the Naming convention of a properties file  is

<basename>_<language>_<country>_<variant>.properties (basename cannot contain _).

for an instance create a property file with the French language by using the above pattern.

BaseName:  "frenchlangauge"

Language: "fr"

Country: "FR"

FileName :



Step3:  Place all properties files in the i18n folder.


Step 4: Build and deploy the project in the SAP Cloud Platform.


See the result in Fiori launchpad after deploy.

Click on Me Area button in Launchpad



We can also change the language in the dropdown.




Thanks all I will post another blog on Custom Theme designer Fiori launchpad Cloud Foundry.













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