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Most of you might already using report SXMSALERT_CONFIGTRANS to transport alert rules. If you have noticed this report transport all the alert rules. Many of us may not require transporting entire alert rules because

  • Few Alert rules could have been created for Test/Dev specific,

  • Alert rules could be part of different Alert Category which need not be transported now,

  • In shared system environment we don’t need to transport alert rules of a different project/customer etc….

Reason can be many and for all such cases we end up creating alert rules manually. Let us first understand about this report and then see how to transport only the selected Alert rules.


What this Report do?

Alert Rules are stored in table SXMSALERTRULES. Report SXMSALERT_CONFIGTRANS transports the entries/records of the table by specifying the filter criteria as ‘*’. This filter criteria is used for record selection during transport and because of ‘*’ all the Alert rules are transported.
Below is how your Workbench Request looks in SE10 for transport using report.


Alternative mechanism:

As an Alternative we could manually select the table entries and transport it. Below is how you can do that.

  1. Go to Transaction SE16 Data browser.

  2. Give the table name as SXMSALERTRULES and hit F7. Then Execute (F8).

  3. Copy the ALERTHASHVAL field value of the entries that needs to be transported.

  4. Go to transaction SE10 and Create a Workbench Request.

  5. Select the Task under Workbench Request and Go to Menu Request/Task -> Change Type and select Development/Correction.

  6. Double click the task and go to edit mode.

  7. Enter Program ID: R3TR, Object: TABU, Objects Name: SXMSALERTRULES, press Enter and click on Functions.

  8. Paste the ALERTHASHVAL field value copied in Step-3 and Save.

Below is how your Workbench Request looks for manual transport. You could see that only the ALERTHASH value of the selected entries are added in this request, which would Ideally not transport the entire rules.


What More is expected?

SAP could fix the report to select and transport only the required Alert rules.

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