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Hi, folks!

Does anybody remember this great blog post Kiss of Death for Web Dynpro Java – The Follow-Up Questions? After going through the release notes of S/4 HANA 1511 I can' t help myself but thinking "History repeats itself".

It always starts with ESS/MSS as a playground for new UI technologies - and the beginning of the end for old ones. If the new technology doesn' t prove to be a complete failure, the old frontend passes away in a concerted action of SAP marketing, community evangelists, product management and development.

UI roadmaps are being updated, the community sphere is flooded with happiness and excitement about the new possibilities, new products are released only in the successor technology, old products are rewritten, UI roadmaps are updated again - and suddenly the grumpy old UI is extended maintenance mode.

So - of course no one at SAP will officially admit and there will be (not so?) violent opposition, but let' s face it: as this is exactly what happened many times before and now happens again, it' s time to say goodbye to the old days when everybody could get along with ABAP only and simply paint some web frontend in the Workbench.

Say hello to the new era - we' re all going to be web developers in 5 years from now.



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