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Why KIOKIO Networks, a 100% Mexican company founded in 2002, we provide a wide range of mission critical Information Technology services in its state-of-the-art data centers in Latin America. As the largest independent Data Center Services provider in Latin America, KIO Networks offers comprehensive services and solutions of IT, both for the public and private sectors, supported in its 15 data centers in a secure, scalable and professional environment. The company combines optimally infrastructure, methodology, processes, tools and certified staff providing the most stringent levels of service in compliance with global standards such as TIER IV, ICREA Level 5, ITIL, SSAE16, ISO20000, ISO27001, SAP Certified Hosting, RUN SAP and others. KIO Networks offers a full range of services all throughout Mexico, and in Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and now in Spain (since Jan-2014).

For more detailed information on KIO Networks and KIO solutions, please visit our web site and blog:

KIO Networks HANA On Demand and Big Data Innovation Solutions

What key business, technical, and data challenges did our organization face and how we did solution help to resolve them?At KIO, over the years we had detected within the market and customers experiences, that an exponential unplanned growth in transactional databases (structured and non-structured data) and associated systems have complicated data models, architectures and infrastructure needs, including all complex data/image controls, security and IT service management, and how enterprise or customer should address reporting, KPI´s, data calculations, analysis and end-user presentation. As variety of data sources where growing in volume within companies, customers, sources and formats, it caused severe latency issues, data once generated from transactions gets replicated to several locations for consolidations and reporting, avoiding users to be able to analyze or take decisions (causing weeks or months to aggregate and consolidate). This not only increases the risk of data management, such as security, privacy & availability, as more data get dispersed, higher the complexity and risk for users and customers. Resulting in IT and consulting firms to provide solutions to create BI DB´s processing for various end systems, datawarehousing or BI´s for analytics. This proliferations of data through various stages and processes has significantly increased latency, resources and resulting in slow response and IT complex environments. As data from different sources or formats is simultaneously pushed to the users, it results in usability issues. So we are happy for all achievements! Here you have the list:

  • Being the first IT Provider to offer HANA OnDemand solutions in the Market
  • KIO Networks Receives SAP® Latin America Regional Partner Excellence Award 2014 in the Category “Man...
  • Implementing the first IXP in Mexico in our Datacenters
  • We’ve released our Datacenter in Container Solution called KIO ATOM (movil data center)
  • The first SAP hosting provider to offer Cloud solution as PaaS based on SAP Landscape Virtualization Management
  • First Openstack foundation member in LATAM
  • First IT Provider to offer Cloud services on Openstack in LATAM
  • Maybe we are one of the first companies in LATAM to create an entire business unit dedicated to big data analytics.

  • What kind of business value does our solution deliver? Consider both qualitative and quantitative measuresAccording KIO currents customer’s needs, in Mexican and Latina America markets, which goes from financial, media customers to healthcare, distribution and consumer industry requirements, the value driver and opportunities detected by our management and sales teams, a common uncover answers need to be achieved for complex business questions faster than ever before in data management– Real Team Data Analytics!!!

  • With KIO´s platform and solutions, we are now able to meet customer Big-Data and real time analysis challenges for different industries, complex industry architectures needs (ex: any system or data source, business analytic models, roles head-on with scenario-driven, role-based solutions), in order to help customer to transform their business by delivering a new breed of real-time Big Data models with KIO SAP HANA platform, applied analytics and rapid deployment options (SAP RDS´s, BW and DB runtime migrations) that help us to engage with C-Level stakeholders, visualize business challenges and help them to predict what’s next with real-time insights - “Technology that allows the processing of massive quantities of real time data in the main memory of the server to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions”.

  • Why SAP HANA? What specific features of HANA did we use and how did it may impact our customers IT architecture? – As previous point, KIO networks, as IT expert providing breakthrough solutions to our customers, we decided to challenge our self’s as an innovation IT provider, so we made the decision integrating SAP as strategic partner for our cloud (ERP, CRM, SCM, BI, etc), in memory-computing and analytics solutions. We chose to integrate SAP HANA to our portfolio. Being the first company in Mexico and Latina America with implementing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Kloud and virtualizating clouds, with a changing market where computer systems have increased number of processing cores with large integrated caches, main memory space has become practically unlimited with the ability to hold all the business data of enterprises of every size. These technology changes has make prices fall and moved computing processing from Disk/SSD to In-Memory. Memory access is 1M – 10M times faster than disk. Disk-centric computing was also one of the major factors that forced separation of transactional and analytical workloads. Moving data to various locations was necessary for reporting to circumvent network issues. Pre-processing of data then became the necessity to optimize linear data transfers. We do not have to live with those limitations any more. Feasibility is given. Through advances in data sciences combined with relevant hardware trends, SAP is leading the real-time computing revolution… leveraging the power of in-memory computing to bringing  OLAP and OLTP back together in one database. This transforms how we construct business applications and our expectations in consuming them. Adopting this new technology will sharpen your competitive edge by dramatically accelerating not only data querying speed but also business processing speed.
  • Our SAP HANA ANALYTICS FOUNDATION offer and Benefits:
  • Generating up to 100 times faster reports.
  • Loading and calculating data 5-10 times faster.
  • Quick access to valuable data and information for decision making.
  • More intuitive analysis with a data warehouse performance.
  • Cost-optimization and reduced TCO.

  • Did the solution drive new way of working?
  • YES!!!  At KIO we are able to drive a new way and experience of work for our customers and clients. We providesupport in our SAP HANA and Kloud SAP Enterprise Edition solutions, high availability, advanced capabilities for real-time and integrity and low response times. We enable and provide the speed and flexibility of SAP HANA for clients, test drive multiple solutions powered by our in-memory technology (we also provide PoC for certain business scenarios and BIG Data model analysis and advisory),- and work through timed challenges in a range of industries, business processes and corporate roles. We are able to prepare and build analytic demos in our infrastructure to highlight how SAP HANA can accelerate various business real-time/world scenarios. Our customer business success depends on one thing: insight and how we accelerate customer view of their business massive data quantities in real time. Not the kind of insight you get from traditional or standardized reports, but the kind of metrics, dashboards and advanced analysis you get from E2E enterprise data the instant it’s needed and created. That’s the power of KIO´s real-time solutions and insight – and that’s the power of KIO´s SAP HANA.
  • Here are some benefits on working with KIO Networks:
    • SAP HANA Architecture Strategy
    • Installation, operations and Data/BW database migrations to HANA
    • SAP HANA Modeling and Architecture
    • Development of predictive applications
    • Business Intelligence on SAP HANA
    • SAP KLOUD for ERP, CRM, BI
    • Generating up to 100 times faster reports.
    • Loading and calculating data 5-10 times faster.
    • Quick access to valuable data and information for decision making.
    • More intuitive analysis with a data warehouse performance.
    • Cost-optimization and reduced TCO.
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