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Solution Manager - 7.1 SPS 07.

I have configured Job Monitoring in various different ways before concluding the use of Business Process Monitoring for Job Monitoring.

  • Using the standard Technical Monitoring, the Job Monitoring is just about number of Jobs failed during a given time span.
  • Using the Exception Management and coupling the EM to Alerting infrastructure to alert when a Job failure exception occur.

The above 2 methods alerted when the jobs failed but did not send the basic information that would tell us what Job failed, the job log etc etc...

And as the Subject was already standardized for the Technical Monitoring using the BADI, it wasn't possible to get the Job Name in the Subject area.

Through this document, I'll show you -

How to

  • configure the BPM structure for Job Monitoring
  • create the Job as Monitoring Object
  • create notification for multiple recipients
  • enhance the BADI for custom email subject & Body.

Configure the BPM structure for Job Monitoring

Basic Configuration

Ensure that the following Solman configuration steps have been completed successfully - (done through Workcenter - solman_setup)

  • System Preparation, Basic Configuration & Managed System configuration for all the Systems involved.


  • Carry out the steps from Business Process Monitoring


Create Solution

Create a Solution to be used specifically for Business Process Monitoring. (a new solution is only required if you do not have any previous Business Processes mapped in your Productive Solution or your existing Solution is just too cramped with a lot of stuff not really used)

Add Authorization

You'll need the following roles in your Solution Manager user -  (Business Process Monitoring specific roles)





Create Business Process and Steps


Create the Business Scenarios --> Batch Monitoring

Within Batch Monitoring, create the Business Process

          ERP Jobs, CRM Jobs (System wise)

          Finance Jobs, CRM Sales etc (Function wise)

within the Business Process, create the Steps. This is where you have to specify the Logical component for the Steps.

     e.g, BASIS jobs, FI Jobs etc

Note: Make sure you come out of this transaction or else the Solution will remain locked.

Load Monitor definition


goto Workcenter --> Business Process Operations

click on "Setup Business Process Monitoring"

click on Logical Components and then on the right pane, select the appropriate logical component and click on Load Monitor Definitions.

Create the Job as Monitoring Object

Continuing from the previous steps, drill down the Business Scenario --> Batch Monitoring --> ERP Jobs

Click on FI Jobs [Z_BPM_ERP] to add a FI specific Batch Job into the Monitoring structure

click on Create to add a Monitoring Object for Batch job

Select Background Processing from the Cross Application options and then select "Simple Job" as the Monitor and enter a suitable name for the Monitoring Object.

Now click on the newly created job.


Enter the Job identification details. wildcard in Job name is allowed but * (all) is not.

Select the Critical check box. this means that the Monitoring object will be checked every 5 minutes.

More detailed information regarding the other various options, please check the Setup guide in

Alerting Configuration

To only monitor the Job cancellation/failure, select Yellow/Red in the Cancellation section.

More detailed information regarding the other various options, please check the Setup guide in


click on the Notification tab and ensure the following is selected or entered (as in the below image)

The above ensures that you will get the following for the Batch Monitoring -

  • Customized email Subject & Body
  • Basic Job details - User, System, Date & Time of the Job run
  • Job Log
  • Monitoring activities - Texts

The code for BADI is provided later in this document.

Monitoring Activities

Enter any relevant texts for Problem Indicators, Error Handling & Escalation Path.

This text will be send as part of the email notification upon job failure.

Once all the Tabs have been filled out, SAVE the Monitoring Object, Generate and Activate.

Then goto the Notification tab and Activate the notification

Note: without this the Notification will not be active even though the Alerting/Monitoring is active.

Create notification for multiple recipients

Tcode SO23

Create a New Shared Distribution List with the name as mentioned in the Notification of the Monitoring Object definition.

Enter the Recipient details.

One of the main benefits of using Recipient Type C "Shared distribution list" is that email addresses can be added or removed on the fly without re-generating/re-activating the Monitoring object.

Enhance the BADI for custom email subject & Body

This section talks about the BADI - BADI_BUILD_MESSAGE.

Tcode SE19

Create Enhancement implementation for Enhancement Spot of ENH_SPOT_DSWP_BPM_NOTIF.

Create Filter for your BADI implementation - (SOLMAN - This was specified in the Notification tab of the Monitoring object definition)

Create the BADI implementation (including the custom code)


Copy and paste the entire code from the attached file - Custom_Code-BADI_BUILD_MESSAGE.txt.

Activate the Code and the Enhancement.

You can adapt the code as per your requirement....

This is the Email Notification from a Job failure using the Business Process Monitoring.

Detailed information on the BADI implementation can be found in the following setup guide -

Award points if useful.

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