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Previously, I have shared ProcessDirect Call Dependency Graph in this blog post. malteschluenz suggested including JMS usage in this graph. It is a good idea that makes the graph more valuable! Thanks for the feedback Malte!

There are other essential updates like zooming, filtering based on package or flow. Thanks, r_herrmann for the feedback!

You should install the SuperEasy Browser Extension for CPI to see this graph. The details are below.


  • You can now see Flows that use the same JMS queue connected. JMS relation links are red.

  • You can also zoom using your mouse wheel and you can click on blank space and drag the view around.

  • You can search for a flow or package.

  • You can also copy the flow name or package name from the "Selected Flow" details, paste it in the search bar, and press enter.

  • The colors in the filter are the same as the colors in the graph.

  • You can remove the filter by clicking "x" on the right.

  • You can now see the adapter type and JMS queue name for the JMS adapter.


Microsoft Edge(Chromium-based) Extension Install:

Conclusions and Further Work

I hope this makes analyzing a tenant and relationships between flows easier.
I really like how vibrant SAP Integration Community is. Thanks for all the feedback.

Would you like to export this data for documentation? It can be a different diagram type you like or even excel. Do you have any other ideas?
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