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The chilly night breeze and cloudy skies must mean it's almost SAP TechEd season.  In the weeks running up to SAP TechEd we have featured a different superstar speaker.  This week's featured speaker is Senior Director of TIP HANA Product Management - Stream Processing, jeff.wootton.  Jeff became an SAP TechEd speaker last year but was a part of Sybase events previously with global responsibility for Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP), a high performance real-time event processing engine. 

Until recently, event processing technology was a stand alone technology.  The recent integration of event processing technology with SAP HANA has Jeff excited about the future of real-time stream processing.  Jeff in inspired by new technological trends and sees the proliferation of real-time processing technology into sensors that can send back data and be able to understand and respond to it in real-time. 

"The big thing this year is our innovation of our stream processing technology which we call SAP HANA.  We delivered that integration December and it has really generated a lot of interest because we aren't just capturing raw data but we're able to filter, cleanse, and enrich that data as it arrives.  So what you're capturing in SAP HANA not just raw data but useful data.  SAP TechEd this year is going to be our opportunity to show people how they can use that and where it can be applied". - Jeff Wootton

Register to SAP TechEd Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Bangalore to attend Jeff's Hands-On Workshop, Rapid Development of SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor Applications, Product Roadmap Q&A for SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor, Lectures, Building Applications That Analyze and Act on Real-Time Event Streams and Event Stream Processing – Introduction to Continuous Queries, and networking session, Continuous Queries on Event Streams to experience real-time data processing simplified.

Cool facts about SAP TechEd 2013 host cities:

Las Vegas - Howard Hughes stayed at the Desert Inn for so long that he was asked to leave. He bought the hotel.

Amsterdam - You can find two of the best museums in Amsterdam. The Kröller-Müller Museum is one you should visit.  Another is the Van Gogh Museum where the largest Van Gogh collection can be seen.

Bangalore - The logo of the Karnataka Golf Association has a crow and two eggs for the fact that crows mistake the golf balls for their eggs.

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