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It's crucial for any JavaScript developer to know how to efficiently work with JSON data. If you work with UI5/ Fiori you are certainly going to consume JSON data (an array of objects) in your frontend application.

So, to help with that, I've uploaded this video tutorial that runs through a small set of JavaScript array methods that you can use to create, update or loop through JSON data in your application.

The array methods that are covered include:

  • Add a new object at the start - unshift()

  • Add a new object at the end - push()

  • Add a new object in the middle - splice()

  • Looping through an array of objects:

    • Find an object in an array by its values - find()

    • Get multiple items in an array that match a condition - filter()

    • Transform objects of an array - map()

    • Add a property to every object of an array - forEach()

  • Sorting an array by a property - sort()

  • Check if objects in an array fulfill a specific condition -some(), every()

It's also important to note that I've used ES6 syntax in all of the examples.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I'll help where I can 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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