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How can you change/delete user preferences for widgets MyMessages at ITSM homepage?
(SolMan 7.1 SP9 and newer)

This concerns the following widgets (see view cluster AIC_VC_MYMSG)

  • MyIncidentsAssignedToMeSOLMANPRO

  • MyIncidentsForDispatchingSOLMANDSPTCH

  • MyIncidentsForProcessingByMeSOLMANREQU

  • MyIncidentsReportedByMeSOLMANREQU

  • MyMessagesReportedByMyOrg

and there filter values:

  • Processor

  • Team

  • Message Type

  • Status

  • Maximum Number of Results

In addition to post ITSM assignment block with maximum number of results too high, these filter values are stored in table DSWPUSERPREFS for a specific user and not in BSPC_DL_PERSSTOR:

You can edit this entries directly with transaction SE16:
(example for widget My Messages - For Dispatching)

Kind regards
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