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We would like to have the index of aggregated element in the template generation. There are a lot of reasons someone needs the index of the aggregation item.

  1. Display the sequence of the item
  2. Display a control when it is the first, last, even or odd template
  3. Pass it as a parameter to an event
  4. Name an object according to the index

As an example we would like to use the index of aggregation in the name of a TextField

_addressEditFormElementTemplate: function(oController) {

     return new sap.ui.commons.form.FormElement(this.createId('fldAddress'), {

            label: new sap.ui.commons.Label(this.createId('lblAddress'), {

                text: 'Address'



            fields: [

                new sap.ui.commons.TextField(this.createId('inpAddress'), {

                    value: '{address}',

                    name: 'addresses[${index}].address'





Is it possible now?

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