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This time of year is for all the SAP Enthusiasts to get themselves acquainted to all upgrades by SAP and the SAP's road-map for various products. All SAP enthusiasts and customers who belong to integration world are eager to know about the new B2B capabilities introduced by SAP on the cloud platform in July 2017.

I am one of the many curious folks out there and was excited to get started with the B2B capabilities on Cloud Platform. I am listing out few key points to know about B2B capabilities on SAP Cloud Platform and a comparison between the on-premise B2B add-on and B2B on SAP Cloud Platform.

  1. B2B capabilities for EDI message processing are available on Enterprise license of SAP Cloud platform.

  2. SAP has delivered pre-packaged ASC X.12 and EDIFACT messages ( not all yet ).

Let's have a look at the comparison between on-premise add-on and on-cloud capability which helps us to get an idea about the road-map too


S. No

SAP Cloud Integration

On Premise B2B add-on


ANSI X.12 and EDIFACT are supported till now EDIFACT, EANCOM, ANSI X12, Odette, Tradacoms, VDA and Plain are supported


The message XSDs are provided as pre-packaged content The message XSDs are provided as pre-packaged content


Till now only ANSI X12 Version 004010, 005010 are available in pre-package content All the versions of ANSI X.12 are available pre-delivered in add-on


EDIFACT version D.01B, D.96A, D.98A available All the versions of EDIFACT are delivered with add-on


AS2 adapter is provided. EDI messages can be sent over HTTP(S), AS2 or SFTP. AS2, HTTP, EDISeparator, X400, File, SFTP adapters can be used to transmit EDI messages


Security can be kept intact as all adapters support certificate authentication For secure communication AS2, HTTP and SFTP must be chosen for integration


More optimized development with all flows being handled in single iFlow as EDISplitter is available as event in iFlow rather than adapters. * Refer link below Multiple Iflows to be created for acknowledgement and document splitting as EDISeparator comes as an adapter


Only below ANSI messages are available till now

  • 110 - Air Freight Details and Invoice

  • 180 - Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification

  • 304 - Shipping Instructions

  • 325 - Consolidation of Goods In Container

  • 810 - Invoice

  • 820 - Payment Order/Remittance Advice

  • 824 - Application Advice

  • 830 - Planning Schedule with Release Capability

  • 838 - Trading Partner Profile

  • 846 - Inventory Inquiry/Advice

  • 850 - Purchase Order

  • 852 - Product Activity Data

  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment

  • 856 - Ship Notice/Manifest

  • 860 - Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated

  • 861 - Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate

  • 862 - Shipping Schedule

  • 866 - Production Sequence

8. all the ANSI messages are available


No TPM portal A fully functional TPM portal available with


Plain messages not supported so difficult to handle custom EDI messages In house custom formats can be handled with Plain messages in EDI content manager


Link for point 7 –


Adapter List
Pre-packaged content



With more pre-packaged content delivered in near future for more EDI standards will certainly make it more interesting to process EDI messages. The iFlow is really more optimized in terms of development with the EDISplitter not being an adapter.


I would really love and I am sure will love to see the following features in near future -

  1. A user friendly TPM portal soon in the Cloud platform.

  2. Plain message processing as clients always have some or other custom requirements.


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