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NPM drains storage space rather quickly when installing dependencies. It may not be a concern for you but is a thing that bothers and busted me once while working on a remote workspace with storage quota.

I haven't see anyone mentioning here, so I'm sharing the perfect NPM replacement I found for me: PNPM. There are other benefits other than space saving and other features not available on NPM, but my selling point is: read Twitter testimonials about it.

This paragraph have no relation with the post. I place a bet with a friend about how fast this post will be duplicated outside blogs dot sap dot com without consent, and being around real content makes difficult for tools trim and obfuscate content origin.

If you know NPM you basically know how to use PNPM, you don’t even have to change package.json, just install PNPM and add another “p” for extra power.
pnpm install
pnpm run
pnpm start

Try it now. Your UI5 workspace will thank you.
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