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In this document you can find additional Auth. Roles/Objects which are not document by SAP and they are necessary for normal work with IT Calendar.

To be able to use IT calendar integrated with the CHARM features  you should perform customizing in SPRO like is presented in the  IT Calendar Customizing PDF document.

In my case Change Manager should have responsibility to maintain IT calendar from the SMMN document type.

then you will get Calender

Now you will be able to either  Schedule New IT event or to Schedule Work mode :

To Schedule an IT Event :

To Schedule an Work Mode

from this screen you can suppress Monitoring Agents like is presented in the below pict.

The Change Manager Authorization  Roles To Maintain IT Calender

Change Manager should have additional authorization roles besides his standard ones to be able to maintain IT calendar. In order to work with calendar CM should have below SAP roles:

  1. SAP_ITCALENDER_DIS with the slight modification like is presented in the below pictures
  2. SAP_SM_DTM_ALL with default authorization.


After you make copy to Z* role you should add additional  authorization object  SM_ITE_ACT


Make copy SAP role to Z* one.

If you have anything to comment or add pleas go ahead.

All suggestions are welcomed.

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