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In this blog I would like to discuss about the issue we faced in loading Chinese Characters to BI and how we solved it.

The client we work for had issues wherein all the data maintained in Chinese language were getting updated as “######” in BI while it was maintained correctly in the source system.  In our scenario, the Master Data was getting loaded daily using a Process chain.


1)     1) Checked whether ‘ALL CAPITAL’ is maintained in Tcode RSKC and reconfirmed it in table RSALLOWEDCHAR


      2) Checked the Connection Parameters for the Source System. 

        In RSA1 under modeling tab-->Source System-->Context menu Connection Param.

        In the Logon and security tab, Language should be left BLANK ( EN shouldn’t be maintained) and in MDMP & Unicode tab Unicode should be selected.




1)     3) In SM 59, test the RFC connections or click on the 'Connection test' in the above screenshot.

      In DEV, we also enabled ‘Lowercase letters’ for the InfoObjects which had issues while loading Chinese characters.  These changes we collected in requests and transported to PRD.


In PRD, we deleted the requests with red status and loaded the data manually.  From the next process chain run onwards Chinese characters were getting loaded to BI.

Thank you to all SDN members whose suggestions helped to sort out the issue.

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