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This is a real time scenario where I faced problem for the compression of an infocube.

  • In general there are scenarios where there is a delta upload to the infocube and when some data is missed you need to load it through Full load from another cube where data exists.


  • Once you do full load from another info provider the cube stops compressing the info cube. When you try to compress it manually it throws a pop up saying the cube is already compressed.


  • What happens internally is when you do a full load the table RSMDATASTATE is filled with the latest request in the field where ‘COMPR_DUAL ’: Request ID up to which InfoCube is compressed.

This field will be filled with the latest request id because of which the cube interprets that the compression is done completely.

What you have to do?

We need to change the request id in the field COMPR_DUAL and add the actual request till where the compression is done.

This solves the issue.

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