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Isolating BIA blade server

Scenario: one of the BIA blade servers is not operational due to hardware issue, and then this document helps in isolating BIA from rest of the blades and makes the BI accelerator work with rest of the blade servers.

In the below scenarios we have 4 blades we will isolate one blade and will make to work with rest 3 blade servers.

In the below screen shot you will see that server r*******032 has lot of indexes on it

  1. In the trexadmin tool go to landscape-->Configuration you will be able to see the entire available blade server

Now deselect the blade which you want to remove and click on deploy, once deployment is done you will get a message that “deployment done”

Now go to tab Landscape->reorg and start the reorg

Note: The algorithm used for doing reorg is “reorgByCube”

Re-org Algorithm

Once the reorg is done, you will get screen that reorg is done as shown below

By now you will see that all the indexes lying on the server which was deselected will be distributed to rest of the blades

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