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Requirement - Read Part I - ISA and GS segment values - Value mapping v/s Predefined TPM UDFs - I

Predefined UDFs approach

Receiver Partner Conversion

Template - SAP Partner Conversion

SAP Partner RCV_001 has a corresponding value TestTP1 for Legacy Partner

Functional Profile - SAP Partner Conversion profile has the above template attached

Different values for test and production environment can be maintained here

  - RCVPRN has value RCV_001, this is passed as the second input and functional profile name as the first input to getFunctionalProfileProperty.

  - Output is TestTP1 ( as maintained in the TPM template)

Receiver ID Qualifier

Template - Sender Receiver ID qualifiers

Functional profile -Qualifiers- value for TestTP1 - 01 in production and test

The converted partner is used in another getFunctionalProfileProperty. to get the qualifier value

Element, sub-element, segment separators

Template - EDI Separator

Functional Profile EDI Separators - EDI separator template attached


Create the partners used in above templates (TP2 and TestTP1 )


Identities - ID- TP2 , Qualifier - 01

Messages - ANSI X12 860 004010 SAP

Add EDI Separators in the functional profiles tab of TP2; Save TP2 ; will add agreements in the latter part


Identities - ID- TestTP1, qualifier - 01


Test agreement - Outbound; fill below parameters

test agreement is created in between TP2 and TestTP1

Retrieving separators in mapping

Use the following input parameters in getAgreementID - internally generated ID will be returned (best match)

The agreement ID is mapped to getFunctionalProfileName which returns the name of the functional profile (EDI Separators)

Function profile name is used to retrieve the value for functional property key ele.sep (mapped to element separator)

Similarly, map other separator values

Obtain Sender, Receiver qualifiers as below

Complete Mapping

Usage Indicator- getSystemEnvironment returns the value of environment configured in TPM (Test/Production)

TPM Data can be exported and imported across environments


Monitoring - Based on TPM User defined search criteria (header values like Sender ID, Receiver ID etc. filters can be added.

Suggestions to optimize the design are welcome :smile: !!!

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