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I just got a small insight today that I’ll share with you. It is on the video below.

I’m working as a consultant with Integration development on SAP PI, so it is from this context I’m thinking. My guess is that this not only is related to integration development but you will also see the same issue in other situations.

The main part is that we often take for granted what our customers as the real thing and what we need to follow. It is of cause often the case that they knew what we need to help them with.

Sometime though we may be able to find a different solution that will more cater for what they need to do. That way we can help them solve the case in a much smarter fashion. I often get blind for the cases where we can do other things and just do what is asked of me.

But if we want to be servicing our customers/or internal prospects then we must be able to ask some important questions and let them know different ways to solve the issue.

The place where you really need to question the assumptions is when the customers want you to develop something that is not a pattern for in your enterprise. Or it is something that wills affects the way you normally will see how the system should work.

I recorded this video where I share some more on the topic.

Do you have any cases where you were questioning your assumptions and made a better solutions based on it?

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