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Most of the IS-U BW transaction data extraction starts with Mass Activity step. Mass activity is performed to process large volume of data in short amount of time using parallel processing.

We shall use one the Mass Activity transaction code FPBW_EXTRACT for extractor 0FC_PAY as an example in this blog and understand the step by step process of running the mass activity for a BW extractor.



Before the mass activity is triggered in source system, it is mandatory to run the initialization in BW by running InfoPackage with Initialize Without Data Transfer option.

If this step is missed, then we get following error while running the mass activity program.

Delta-Extraction for payments is not active


Mass Activity execution steps for 0FC_PAY

Step-1: Run transaction FPBW_EXTRACT


Step-2: Enter the selection values

  1. Date ID – usually the date on which mass activity is carried out

  2. Identification – string to uniquely identify every run on a day

Once above two fields are entered & ENTER is pressed below General Selections gets enabled.

  1. Select an application data for extraction (in this case Payments)

Enter below values:

Parameter Value
Date ID 02/20/2020
Identification PAY01
Selection Criteria Payments


Step-3: Click on the Technical Settings tab

Object appears pre-populated (in this case KEYPP, Subarea)

SAP Help for Object field:


Step-4: Variant definition

Click on  to define new variant.

Click on New button to create new variant.


Enter the name of the variant (in this case NewVar)

Interval can be defined in two ways:

  • Interval Length – Size, number of records per interval

  • Number of intervals – Number of splits in total records

We shall choose Number of intervals (and number as 15) and Click Execute.

Task bar displays the confirmation message.

Click Back to return to previous screen.


Step-5: Review variant definition

Based on the Number of Intervals defined (15), Interval Length gets calculated (in this case 66).


Step-6: Review Interval definition

Double click on the variant to see the interval split details. Total of 999 Subareas are split into 15 intervals of 66 Subareas per interval.


Step-7: Input Variant & Number of Jobs

Select the newly defined variant (in this case NEWVAR) and number of background jobs for mass activity load distribution.

Note: Verify the number of background jobs in the system and input 3 jobs less than total number of background jobs in the system. In this case, we have 8 background jobs available in the system. Hence 8 - 3 = 5 is the input for Number of Jobs. This is done to have at least 3 background jobs free for other programs.

Note: Load can be explicitly distributed among different load balancing servers by choosing Explicit Load Distribution option.


Step-8: Verify all inputs and set Expiry Date

Click on Logs tab

Verify the Expiry date is current or future date and click Save. Confirmation message is displayed on task bar.

Note: Before start of mass activity, Number of intervals to be processed is 15 & Intervals already fully processed is 0. Also completed jobs are 0.


Step-9: Execute Mass Activity

Run the saved Mass Activity program by clicking on Schedule Program Run


Select Background - Start Immediate to run immediately and click OK


This will schedule the mass Activity Program to run in background (in this case Immediately)


Step-10: Review progress

Click on Job Log to view the progress.

As you can see all 15 intervals are completed without any error.

Click Back to go back to previous screen to see the run summary

All jobs are completed, and all 15 intervals are processed successfully.

Note: After completion of mass activity, Number of intervals to be processed is 15 & Intervals already fully processed is 15. Also completed jobs are 5.

We can also check the status of these jobs in SM37


Step-11: Verify Delta Queue

Now we can verify Delta Queue (RSA7) for the data:


Delta Queue contains data for 0FC_PAY extractor.

This completes the Mass activity steps for 0FC_PAY extractor. Now the Delta InfoPackage can be executed in BW to load this data into BW.



This blog gives the steps to execute Mass Activity program in ECC (IS-U) system, which is a prerequisite step to load data into BW for most of the transaction data sources in IS-U system. Almost similar steps are followed in all other IS-U extractor Mass Activities.

You can refer my other blog for different IS-U extractors and their corresponding Mass Activities.

ISU BW Extractors for Meter2Cash

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