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Have you noticed the unique strategy with SAP Lumira? In case you are not familiar with Lumira, it is the discovery and analysis tool for business users.

SAP Lumira has:

  • A desktop tool that works standalone or can be connected to a wide range of data sources
  • A cloud version that you can access from your browser anytime any where
  • Now a Lumira server on Business Objects Enterprise

All the products work with each other. So you could create a Lumira visualization using the desktop tool and share it on Lumira cloud or the Lumira server, so that you and everyone else can consume or enhance it from anywhere anytime.

With the hasty and unexpected exit of Dr Vishal Sikka from SAP, there has been a lot of talk about apps vs the platform. Vishal Sikka leaves SAP - what's next?Does the Lumira design pattern guide the future of other apps from SAP?

Can you see each module for the SAP suite as a separate application that you can run on any device anywhere, anytime and you can purchase it independently or as a complete suite. Big appeal of the cloud architecture is that you pay for what you use. A procurement app, and a financials app and a fleet management app and so on that work independently or integrated as one solution on a desktop, or on premise server or in the cloud powered by HANA - maybe that is where the future is headed.

As SAP redesigns their applications for cloud, mobile and HANA, I am fairly certain they have a design pattern in mind. I am hoping it is apps like Lumira: functionally rich, with beautiful User Experience, OLTP and OLAP integrated, that work on any device, on premise or on cloud, offline or connected, at speed of HANA.

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