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Is Fiori a growing flower or wilting weed?


I started using SAP GUI at Victoria University whilst studying my Masters in ERP SAP, I was very disappointed and questioned how can I be passionate about a product that is not user friendly?  One day in bco6181 I had the opportunity to use S/4HANA 1511 FP1 OP with Fiori live and WOW my passion is back!

What is Fiori


Fiori means flower in Italian, but is a title enough.  Sap have designed a UX that is role based, no longer transactional based.  This means instead of using long GUI menus paths (SAP has over 300,000 screens and 12,000 transaction codes) to arrive at your destination and then having 100's to 1000's of fields to fill in or bypass, you can now use the simplicity of a Fiori role-based UX.  In just a maximum of 3 clicks from the Fiori tile based Launchpad you will be at line item detail.  Once your arrive at your destination with Fiori, you are faced with a simple screen consisting of only relevant and mandatory fields, that relate directly to your role.


Screens can be amalgamated so you can perform multiple associated screens from one page. SAP had simple in mind when creating Fiori.  Fiori will seamlessly go from desktop, tablet, phone and even watch, all in real-time. 


Learn, Experience and Judge for yourself


I found there is limited training for Fiori, I believe this is because it is still in its infancy and has not been adopted on a large scale as of yet.  Below are places to go to start to learn and experience Fiori for yourself.


SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition  Go here for a hands on demonstration 

Fiori Apps Library  Information to explore, plan & implement including technical data

http://http//!/overview Facts on Fiori Free online courses
SAP Fiori – SAP Help Portal Page  Fiori help
SAP Fiori Information on Fiori and much more!

A flourishing growing flower or wilted weed


Well the new interface of Fiori definitely looks better than SAP GUI.  The feel is one that is directed to our upcoming Gen Z and Millennials but for a Gen X like me is it too simple?


I love how quick I can get where I want to go and once there only see what is relevant to the end-user.  Compared to SAP GUI's over 300,000 screens, 12,000 transaction codes and hundreds or even thousands of fields in some transactions I feel my SAP experience has become uncluttered.  


I am not a Millennial and I have a large finance and business background  and all these graph type reports and colours do not work for me as I am not so much of a visual person as I am a facts and figures person.  Sometimes I want to type in a date or a time and not have to use a mouse click, at times typing is quicker.   Have SAP tried to simplify Fiori UX too much?



Overall I think it is a welcome addition to SAP's future direction both as a company and for the end-user as a UX.  I don't think it will catch on overnight due to the costs and time of implementing Fiori, including the shortage of experienced staff/consultants in this area, but looking to the future once it is second nature it will in my opinion extend the UX.   Simply put decreasing the overall processing time of an individual's role as well as arming managers with real time analytics to make on the spot in formed decisions will definitely enhance any organisation using Fiori.  A happy staff member will evolve from a happy UX and this in turn will increase a company's profitability.


I looking forward to watching Fiori 2.0, blossom. 


Special thanks too;

paul_hawking and


for sharing their wealth of #SAP knowledge

and guiding me in the right direction

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