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I am sure that some of you either got this question a few times already or were asking this question. A What if Scenario has been one of the popular components from Dashboards (former Xcelsius) and so far SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio does not have a answer for that question out of the box.

Most of you probably know by now that I left SAP a few months back and I joined Visual BI. Not because I did not like it any more at SAP - but simply I was impressed by Visual BI and what the team was and still is able to put together in a very short period of time.

End of February we released our first version of our Extensions for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and very soon - basically at SAPPHIRE - we will release our second release with a lot of new components and a lot of great additional options for Design Studio (more to come).

One of the new options we added based on customer feedback, is the option to quickly add a What if scenario so that the end user is able to increase / decrease a particular value as part of the overall dashboard.

Instead of me writing it all down and explaining it, I thought I simply record a quick video and show that Design Studio can create What If Scenarios in less than 5 minutes ...pretty soon  =:)

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