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Let me start with the answer of the question - Yes it is possible.

I would like to share something we are working on right that also answers the question directly.

Lets start with a very simple SAP Dashboards dashboard.

We have 3 components and we have three different data sources - in this example all of them are BEx queries.

So we upload the XLF file to the Xcelsius Convert and are receiving the details.

On the right hand side, we can then decide how we would like to map the components. For example we could map the scorecard from SAP Dashboards to a Table in Design Studio.

We then receive a generated Design Studio application that we can execute.....

..... and "magic" happens and we get a second Design Studio application matching our Xcelsius / SAP Dashboard dashboard.

Here the complete workflow as video

Are some of your old Xcelsius / SAP Dashboards dashboards still causing you some headache ? Would you like to migrate to Design Studio ?

If so - we are currently looking for customer that are interested in shaping this approach.

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