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First I must say I am not a developer by origin. Usually I am an accountant always looking for process improvements in our department which brought me to SAP IRPA as it is not mandatory to have programming skills from my experience. However, a little affinity to IT topics and not being afraid of trying something new helps a lot.

During a current project I am working on I had the problem when capturing a web page there was an IFRAME included in that page. In the beginning the IFRAME was not fully or correctly recognized. The captured page disallowed me to do any interactions within the IFRAME.

From what I can see there are several other users facing the same or a similar issue which brought me to the idea of sharing my personal approach via this blog.

After trying several different techniques I found out that the IFRAME itself has got a complete different URL unlike the main frame I had captured in first place. So I captured the IFRAME as a seperate application with it's own URL. This way within the workflow I was able to start this application seperately and to add interactions within the IFRAME. It wasn't an IFRAME anymore as this being its own application with its own URL the IFRAME became a MAIN FRAME.

Hopefully my approach has become clear and will possibly help one or another user.

Thank you for reading and due to this being my first blog please feel free to leave a comment, share, give it a like or give suggestions for future improvements.

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