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On June 7th I’ve been one of the lucky ones to participate in the 5th edition of the Internet of Things Event which took place at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands. During this 2-day event many insights in the rapidly developing market, in new technologies and in how other businesses apply the new opportunities that are brought by IoT were given.

Besides many lectures also multiple hands-on (mini codejam) sessions were held and I’d visited an old acquaintance who’d delivered a workshop entitled “Develop your own IoT scenario in just 90 minutes on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)!”

craig.cmehil supported by twan.vandenbroek2 and frank.basten ,guided all of us in connecting a Tessel (IoT) device, via our laptop, to the HCP.

The “plan of approach” was well documented and could be reached via and then scrolling down to the “Internet of Things” chapter

Even though the tutorial is completely self-explaining, there is one little trick (thanks Craig) that I don’t want to withhold all of you.

Usually, when plugging in a Tessel device, you should be able to start playing with it automatically. In other words: Windows (7) should recognize your Tessel device so you can proceed with the installation of it as described via

Unfortunately, as to be seen above, my Windows7 laptop didn’t (“No devices found”) and also the information on not offer a working solution:

On Windows 7, you may receive the notification "Device driver software was not successfully installed". If you do, click on the notification, click the "Change settings..." button, and then select "Install driver software from Windows Update if it is not found on my computer." Save changes and re-try.

And then, at least to me, the magic happened…. After struggling for way to long (we only had 90 minutes to Tessel-play around) with unwilling device drivers, Craig presented the solution by pointing out a nifty piece of software called Zadig (

After downloading and installing Zadig, I’d executed the small .exe program and it immediately recognized the (via USB) connected Tessel device

Pressing the “Install WCID Driver” button launched the following pop-up which installed the highly anticipated Tessel driver

After successfully installing this device driver, which recognized the Tessel,

my IoT journey could be continued… 🙂

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