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Hi Folks,

Today we are here to get a basic idea of "Portal" service in SAP cloud Platform in Neo environment. In our first understanding we shall go by the definitions and then we shall proceed for the details on the configurations in SCP which includes initial set-up and launching procedures of "Portal" service.

Now, here comes the definitions.

Q. What is SAP Cloud Platform Services and how to use it?

In the Neo environment, you enable services in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

The cockpit lists all services grouped by service category. Some of the services are basic services, which are provided with SAP Cloud Platform and are ready-to-use. In addition, extended services are available. A label on the tile for a service indicates if this service is enabled.

An administrator must first enable the service and apply the service-specific configuration (for example, configure the corresponding roles and destinations) before any sub-account members can use it.

Q. What is “Portal” service?

By definition we can say, “SAP Cloud Platform Portal simplifies the way that users in an organization work and how they engage with customers, partners and employees, by providing a single point of access to role-based applications, processes and services.”

The Portal offers two types of sites – freestyle sites and launchpad sites. You can also create a hybrid site by embedding an SAP Fiori launchpad page as an entry point for SAP Fiori apps together with other pages in a freestyle site. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of SAP Fiori launchpad, together with other types of content on other pages of your site.


That is purely a definition. Although we are here to experience and do a hands-on on Portal service and try to create a launchpad site and configure it for the end users.


Now we are going to dig deeper and see the configuration steps. So, let’s go.

In the Neo environment, you might need to enable services before sub-account members can integrate them with applications. Note that free services are always enabled.

  • First, we need the Administrator role for the sub-account where we are preparing to configure Portal service for a custom launchpad.

  • After login to SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment, navigate to the respective sub-account and choose “Services” from left navigation area.

  • Search for “Portal”

  • In first it comes as a disabled service. Click and go inside where you can find a button to enable it for your sub-account.

  • Then we need to configure it for the user access. Initial Administrator role is assigned to your sub-account id automatically when you enable it for the first time.

  • Now we go back to initial landing page of the Portal service and access the service. You are redirected to the Admin page of site configuration.

  • We are now moving forward for next step to create a custom site and launchpad where we play around with the Launchpad objects and configure/customize as per the requirements.

  • Click on the “Create New Site” button which launches an interface to provide details for the site. Provide a Site Name and select a ‘SAP Fiori Launchpad’ as the Site Template and create the site.

  • Now you arrive on Launchpad Admin page which we shall use for further Launchpad customization in the next wiki in details.

  • Now you can publish the site from the globe icon in the right-hand side of the upper corner and access it in end user perspective. We need to select the check box for clearing HTML5 cache while publishing the site every time for using the most updated versions of the applications. We select Publish and Open button to launch the launchpad.


So therefore, now we have a basic idea and productibility of "Portal" service. We shall pour more water on the stepping stones in the next part of this wiki.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day and see you in next wiki.



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