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This was an ASUG webcast provided by gowdatimma.ramu and ashutosh.rastogi

Don't miss tomorrow's SAP Lumira 2.0 for Application Developers webcast.

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Webcast focused on Lumira Discovery.

Combined products with Lumira and Design Studio with 2 different client experiences

Source: SAP

Ramu said it is one product, built on a common technology components

Source: SAP

Lumira Discovery covers use cases for BusinessObjects Explorer, Analysis OLAP, BEx Web

Lumira is about "simplicity", for data discovery

Source: SAP

SAP said
Lumira 2.0 is primarily about people.

It’s about bringing business users and IT departments together so both their needs are met and they can focus on the bigger transformation issues.

It’s also about simplicity. We are making it much easier for users to get started with data discovery, so users can progress quickly through the learning curve and start creating value.

Finally we’ve focused on ensuring optimized access to governed, secure data so that everyone can have confidence the numbers are right and that time isn’t wasted on managing data silos and shadow IT tasks.

Source: SAP
SAP said they are

"bridging business users with more technical power users by providing 2 different client tools, each optimized for different personas, but both powered by the same runtime engine, file format, and data access stack.

Business users can get started in the easy to use discovery component. They can publish directly to the BusinessObjects BI Platform from there, or pass it over to more technical users that can use the designer component to add sophisticated scripting, actions, and integration with other systems. The designer tool can be used to turn simple stories and visualizations into full blown analytic applications.

Source: SAP

SAP says:
SAP has simplified the user experience to create a business user experience that is simply fun to use.

A clean interface lets you get started quickly by selecting a data source or previous document, then transition into creating new visualizations or composing multiple visualizations on a storyboard.

Input controls give full control over data filtering to end users, while an improved visualization experience lets the author create exactly the look needed to tell their story with data.

Source: SAP

SAP also says:
All this is backed up with optimized access to your governed data in BW, Universes, or SAP HANA.

This optimized access is critical as it surfaces all the value of your data layer to your business users without losing functionality or semantics.

By making full use of the semantics defined in BW, Universes or HANA, there’s no need for business users to extract data and build their own shadow IT operation managing data extracts and imports which are instantly out of date.

Instead business users can focus on the hard problems like business transformation and not data extraction.

Source: SAP

SAP says they delivered what they promised in Lumira 2.0

  • Convergence / Interoperability of the 2 products (based on Design Studio technology)

  • Simplified UX

  • BW online in Lumira

Rooms are sequential confusing; with Lumira 2.0, trying to address that


Resources (source: SAP)

Request a new license key

Download Lumira 2.0

Updating BI Platform to Lumira 2.0

Converting 1.x stories to 2.0

Lumira 2.0 Discovery restrictions

Lumira Product documentation

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