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Today SAP announces the introduction of SAP Jam, a secure, social collaboration solution that extends across SAP’s entire technology landscape to give you social capabilities where and when they’re needed in business processes.

When musicians play together, a jam session highlights just how important improvisation and harmony are. When your employees work together, harmony and teamwork can be just as important. SAP Jam is designed to facilitate creativity, energy, spontaneity, and teamwork for your enterprise by bringing together your people, information, applications, and processes.

SAP Jam provides intuitive and powerful tools for social collaboration to help you drive results wherever you work. With it, you can add structure to conversations and work to quickly drive action, make decisions, or solve business critical problems. It enables you to drive and track the offline work that occurs when exceptions arise or teamwork is required to attack business-critical issues. You can work with customers, partners, and employees directly in your social collaboration environment, in your business applications, or while mobile. SAP Jam does all of this while also enabling IT to protect key corporate data, avoid social silos, and deliver social collaboration across an entire technology landscape.

Read on to see how SAP Jam can help you:

Then, start using SAP Jam today!

Bring everything together

SAP Jam helps every business person bring everything together to help them get their work done. From across a company, you can use SAP Jam as an enterprise social networking tool that helps you improve communications. You can better connect employees across different geographies, and enable them to find subject matter experts quickly and share best practices. And, you can empower employees to drive decision making by helping teams tame project chaos, build consensus, and make informed decisions.

Connect and communicate

SAP Jam unites people, information, applications, and processes across your extended business network of customers, partners, and employees. Find experts quickly by being able to easily locate those who can help you solve problems or learn best practices. Learn from prior work by saving all conversations, documents, feedback, and decisions for later reference or re-use.

With SAP Jam, you can keep the team on the same page by leading or participating in discussions, posting or commenting on status updates (feeds), monitoring notifications, and chatting with others to ensure you’re up to date. Engage partners and customers easily and securely via an extranet with social collaboration features.

Sharing documents and information is simple with SAP Jam—you can post and annotate documents, add links, or share information on wikis or blogs. If it fits the way you work, you can also post and view content via email.

Want to quickly get complex concepts across? With SAP Jam you can bring key topics to life with video by recording video on your computer webcam or with a mobile device to share with the team. You can even capture video from your computer screen and record a voiceover to create tutorials, and give PowerPoint presentations without needing to download any additional software.

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Drive work, action, and results with work tools

Organize and structure your work with business tools inside SAP Jam. You can align your team using a dynamic agenda, collect feedback on options and identify pros/cons, monitor key events and milestones, prioritize input via a group ranking, or build consensus and track approvals on decisions. You can even incorporate survey data from polls in SAP Jam to make data-driven decisions.   

Organize and keep deliverables on track with task assignment and notifications in SAP Jam. You can also motivate and reward your colleagues for a job well done by acknowledging superior participation with badges and employee of the month surveys.

Be up and running quickly with the friendly SAP Jam interface that allows you to avoid lengthy training and be productive in minutes. For first time users, it’s effortless to learn how to start collaborating with their team by using the first-time login wizard.

Work from anywhere with SAP Jam clients for the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, and Android—while you’re on the go you can get the latest updates and make just-in-time decisions to keep your business running smoothly.

Find what you need, when you need it. With SAP Jam, you can follow people or groups, or view related, most viewed, most liked, or featured content, and use filters, search, and tags to identify and find important information.

Discover information in SAP Jam with update tiles that provide you with recommendations on people, content, groups, data, or tasks. You can also monitor SAP Jam usage to see which groups and content are the most valuable with on demand reports.

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Streamline business processes

Increase HR efficiency with improved onboarding, learning and goal alignment

If you’re an HR, learning, or knowledge management professional, you know how difficult it can be to get new employees onboarded, keep employees up-to-date on their training, and facilitate the performance and goal process. You can keep these work streams running smoothly when your company runs SuccessFactors BizX with SAP Jam.

You can use SAP Jam to decrease time to productivity for new employees through social onboarding. Automatically have new employees join an onboarding group that will help ensure their success by connecting them with the right information and people.

Using SAP Jam for social or blended learning allows you to reduce training costs. With SAP Jam’s integration with SuccessFactors Learning, collaborative groups can automatically be created to complement training courses. In SAP Jam groups, trainees can be connected with key course information, their peers and the course instructor so that they can learn the material more effectively. Subject matter experts can also create informal learning groups where they share content or video and lend their expertise to a group.

SAP Jam can be used for collaborative performance and goal management as well. You can create and share goals collectively for better goal alignment and faster completion. By creating increased transparency in the work that people are doing, it’s easier to measure employee contributions and performance.

You can keep up with all the latest updates from SAP Jam directly from SuccessFactors Employee Central. See what’s happening with the Jam Today tile. 

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Align sales initiatives, find expertise and collaborate to close deals

For sales and service professionals, learning product pitches, getting the latest competitive information, finding the right people and collaborating effectively to close deals can be challenging, but with SAP Jam you can easily access the resources you need for success. SAP Jam is integrated with SAP Sales OnDemand and SAP CRM so that your sales people can seamlessly collaborate with the right resources to shorten sales cycles and win more deals.

Bring together all key participants to collaborate on the opportunity process (sales, product management, service, partners, etc.) to reduce analysis and proposal development time.  With SAP Jam, you can keep key stakeholders updated in real time regarding opportunity progress.

Increase engagement with customers and partners with external groups in SAP Jam to build relationships and to keep deliverables on track while improving transparency and gaining customer loyalty. By bringing in customers to external groups, you can respond to their needs and give them top-notch quality service by providing sales teams the ability to respond to questions or issues as they arise.

Decrease the time to contribution for new sales hires by using SAP Jam to connect them with the people, processes, and content they need to start driving sales. It’s also easy to enable sales teams to find and connect with subject matter experts needed to close key opportunities. Get the right people from cross-functional teams in your company to help with the RFP process, product issues, or anything else that is necessary to ensure the success of your customers.

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Accelerate financial processes by connecting people with resources

Updating, sharing, reviewing and tracking financial information is tedious and time-consuming when done through email and other disconnected systems. SAP Jam integrates with the SAP Financials OnDemand mobile application so you don’t spend as much time searching for and sharing information.

Quickly share budget information, processes, discussions, status, reports and documents with departmental teams across the globe with SAP Jam.  Collaborate with stakeholders to manage expenses, cost controls, and headcount.  Use groups in SAP Jam for project coordinating where you can plan and track corporate key performance indicators.

Enable key business organizations to stay up to date on financial, compliance, or regulatory policies via sharing and informal learning in SAP Jam. You can even communicate important policy changes via status updates and offer informal training with shared documents and videos.

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Extend, customize, and manage

SAP Jam is hosted in the cloud, giving you the ability to bypass lengthy implementations and enjoy streamlined management.  It allows you to deliver social collaboration with a single foundation, which allows you to avoid multiple collaboration silos and deliver a unified experience to the business. Plus, you can deliver SAP Jam in multiple languages to suit a global workforce:  Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish are all supported.

Extend your existing applications with RESTful APIs, you can enable your applications to query and manipulate resources in SAP Jam. Create a seamless work experience by integrating with third party applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Google Calendar, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, along with posting and viewing content via email applications.

SAP Jam administrative and content controls are provided including compliance filters, ability to enable/disable features, and user management.  SAP Jam ensures protection of key corporate information with SSL technology, at rest disk level encryption, password protection and session timeouts safeguard information.  SAP Jam gives your company’s employees quick access with single sign-on (SSO) with user provisioning and de-provisioning, integration with enterprise identity providers, and automatic synchronization of user profile data.

For more information on back-end integrations, please see our SAP Jam ABAP Integration Configuration Guide.

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Start using SAP Jam today!

You can start using SAP Jam today for free! Deliver secure, social collaboration where you work—experience the difference of bringing together people, information, applications, and processes to solve business-critical problems.

Visit to begin!

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