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Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well, Its been long time (almost 2 months) i am writing a blog here, because i was badly stuck in India due to Corona crisis and been going through transistion so was very little active in Community, but now i have moved to nice place started new job, settling slowly, so again i am going to normal life and trying to become active in community, this year i had couple of plans and one of the plan was to do Youtube Live to do Live video podcast, casual discussion, panel discussion and handson on SAP Cloud Platform topics in context of Intelligent Enterprise. To be honest I am inspired by nabheetscn iinside and Other Community folk who recently started their youtube live. I am trying to learn from them, its a new thing for me but i am enjoying this new journey. As i am SAP Cloud Platform fan so i named it SAP Cloud Platform Enthusiast Series, on every weekend either Saturday or Sunday i will try to be live with new topics either for Hands-on or Live Podcast or Panel Discussion or casual discussion with someone in context of Intelligent Enterprise. I am more than happy if anyone from community join me with remote beer or coffee, want to be part of any episode and want to share something exciting with Community.


So as a Kick-off last Saturday we had our first episode and in a first episode i invited my colleagues Harikishore, Manikandan and Charan who recently finished their go-live project where they have migrated ABAP based Add-On to SAP CAP Based Solution in SAP Cloud Platform. So i was excited to hear their learning journey and technical challenges they have faced in terms of Implementing this, because its quite new area and to me finishing customer project is really something exciting and sametime insightful journey. At the same time i thought it would be nice to share this learning Journey with Community too, so that people might get some help in their future project. So we had some insightful session and learning experience after that we had some fruitful discussion on People's questions including Live Questions. Below is the recording, have a watch and share your feedback.

N.B Initially i was having some problem with setup because i was using OBS in Macbook and was using MS Team as Input. So If you hear it in headphone or raise your volume to 100%, you could clearly hear. I am trying to fix this problem hopefully next episode we will be not having this issue.


Below are the highlights of the discussion

About Project

Migrating ABAP based Pricing Add-ons into SAP Cloud Platform to bring true SaaS flavour, whole solution was developed using CAP.

Architecture of the Project

Planning of Project


Challenges, Lesson Learnt and reaching out to SAP Community to help

Information about SAP Cloud Platform Enthusiast Episode -2


Live Video Podcast Discussion on 'What customer can get from Conversational AI apart from Building Chatbot and relevant use business use case'

Date and Time : 4th July, Saturday, 9:00 - 9:40 AM CEST

YouTube Streaming Link:


Place : SAP Cloud Platform Enthusiast Series YouTube


Other great youtube channel for getting Inspiration and learning

Home of "Hands-on SAP dev with qmacro" by

With this i am finishing my today's blog here, I am open to suggesstion from any one regarding setup or anything, because i belive in learning and its a very new. So coment section is open for all.



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