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This was an SAP Webcast from yesterday

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October 29 #askSAP Analytics Innovations Community Call Moving Forward with SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and SA...

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Try to capture all in one platform

Not just planning

Link to Juergen's keynote from Barcelona

Web interface, but many users want to stay in MS Excel

Analyze different data sources

Source: SAP

Analysis Office users can access SAC

Connect to SAC models (2.7)

Write back to planning

Source: SAP

Why new?

Extend SAC with Excel

Leverage MS office technology further

Support all devices; some users on Mac, mobile, and can't offer solution

Deploy - make it easy, integrate to MS store and roll out to company

Focus on strength - Analysis Office with BW

Can use Analysis Office and add in on same desktop

Not a replacement but an enhancement


Logon to MS Office, use Excel online, blank workbook

Manage add-ins

Connect to your tenant

Grid/panel in Excel

Demo included Excel on the Mac

Source: SAP

Will have a beta phase end of October

Can run in Excel online, Excel for Mac - important step to take as Microsoft changed API

Performance improvements for beta

New world for SAP; fixes can be provided more or less everyday without you having to install new software

Q4 - can test

Next year - first half year 2020, to focus on planning; planning is a key topic where user needs Excel functionality

Scripting not in online yet; planner needs that - look to first half year 2020 - write back and unbook

Look to connect to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - this is SAP's strategic future

Look at jumping from SAC story to model information; look at closed loop scenario

Excel - Windows requires 1903 release, not available for all users yet - look to reach that in next couple of months

Future direction - commenting, asymmetric reporting (typical Excel requirement)

Will focus on other connections (intially just acquired) - live connections

Repository, lifecycle management

Source: SAP

Invited to join beta

Need to be Cloud Foundry; need to have MS Office 365 license

See slides here

Will not replace Analysis Office

Question and Answer

Q: Only 365 or Office 2016/2019

A: Discuss with Microsoft for future readiness

Some features will only be in 2019/365

Q: Plans for live connections

A: Currently support acquired model

First focus topic will be SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Have in mind to connect to HANA Live, BW Live and Universes

Q: Formula support?

A: Excel formulas will be supported on top of SAC models

Excel is a complementary add-in, and not replace SAC

Most focus will be on support of Excel features

Licensing: available with SAC license

Q: Can this Excel be emailed to someone?

A: Can share from Excel, distribute the workbook

Link to webcast replay is here

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