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In the previous blog, I walked through the process of using the new OData Adapter within Smart Business Service to consume any OData Service to add SAP Annotations. In this blog, I will focus on how to create KPIs and Evaluations using the same OData Service

Create KPI

Navigate to the “Create KPI Tile” to create a KPI. I have create a KPI called “Sales KPI” as shown below.

For this KPI, I have selected the entity set and the value measure as shown below

Click on “Activate and Add Evaluation” to begin with creation of evaluations. In this example, I am going to create three evaluations. I will add drill down configuration for each of these evaluations.

Create Evaluations

In the “Create Evaluation” app, you can configure your evaluations. I have created an evaluation the first evaluation “Evaluation for Gross Amount” as shown below.

In the Data source section, the source system details have been defaulted and I have selected the Entity set and value measure.

You can apply the filters and threshold values. I have just maintained the threshold values as shown below.

Similarly, I have created the second evaluation “Evaluations for Tax Amount”

and also another evaluation “Evaluations for Products”.

I have activated all the three evaluations by clicking on the “Activate” button.

Configure KPI Drill Down

In this application, for all the evaluations which I created earlier, I will be configuring the drill down. This application will show up when the end user clicks on the cards shown in OVP application.

For the first evaluation “Evaluation for gross amount”, I have configured a drill down application which displays the gross amounts for each customer in a bar chart.

For the second evaluation “Evaluation for tax amount”, I have configured a drill down application which displays the gross amounts and tax amount for each sales order in a line chart

For the third evaluation “Evaluation for products”, I have configured a drill down application which displays the unit price by products in a donut chart.

With this, I have completed creating the basic building blocks - KPIs, Evaluations and Drill-Down applications. In the next part, I will introduce you to the Overview Pages and how you can integrate them with KPI Tiles.
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